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Has your equipment stopped working?

Electronic Engineer in Sussex - helping businesses UK wide

From Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly, to fault finding to component level, G D Electronics handles all your test and repair requirements.


Our experienced electronics engineers test and evaluate your equipment, to identify the cause of the problem and resolve it. We use a wide range of test equipment, including signal generators, frequency counters, oscilloscopes and DVMs.

High quality fault finding service

Electronic equipment and components

  • Audio amplifiers

  • Electronic ticket machines

  • Bio medical instruments

  • Complex microprocessor control equipment on a wide variety of control boards

  • Some through hole and surface mount components

Among the electronic equipment we can test, service or repair are a variety of printed circuit boards.

If your equipment is faulty, and you suspect an electronic fault, contact us today on 01323 840 361

G D Electronics is here to help.

We close starting Friday after lunch 20th of December 2019 until 5th of January 2020